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Oct 2, 2012 6:00am PDT
. and it's going to be hot all-around. here the temperatures. no. 4927 day. 95 in campbell. 97 loss gatos. mid-90s by by the bay will be hot they're out to the east. lots of the lot of excitement at the coliseum last night. the oakland a's in the wild card. here is the very tight play off race as take a look. texas and oakland. and the east we have the yankees and the baltimore orioles fighting for the lead there all four of these teams are in the playoffs the detroit tigers of the fifth scene they clinched the american league central. if they do not in texas went one of these two final games in the a's will be the wild card. then they will play a one game playoff against either the iraqis of the baltimore orioles. the playoff game if the a's are the wild card would be on friday could be oin oakland york or baltimore. >> and develop a story this --i cried. >> my friend called me around 3: 30 and when i got the news i did not believe it. >> i think everyone is really depressed right now he was a great teacher. most of the kids had him. people keep saying he was the best teacher they ever h
Sep 28, 2012 4:00am PDT
those numbers for use starting out in the south bay mostly low 80s 82 degrees expected for campbell 81 in almaden valley mid to upper seventies for 70 del 9 degrees for livermore 80 expect for fairfield upper 60s for your east bayshore this afternoon upper 60s to downtown san francisco as well 605 for daly city low eighties and up seven is for the north bay. officials for anywhere from 5 to 12 degrees warmer tomorrow getting up to 99 degrees on monday for a year in the spots about mid-80s for the bay of seven is are expected for the coast fare cut. >> of janu we are crossing our fingers for friday hot spots to talk about the traffic is increasing. as you approached the top--one she gets the toll plaza no way at the pace. your san mateo bridge ride looks like construction maybe the process is wrapping up was down 92 approaching the high-rise and over at the golden gate bridge south lawn down 101 we do have fault and some construction taking place to conceive a flashing light on your screen. taking it to our traffic maps approaching 580 interchange was down 24 and one of our last reports
Oct 1, 2012 4:00am PDT
. or talking nine is in the south bay with 92 and said clara 94 expected in campbell plenty of sunshine mid-90s over an evergreen 90 on tap for fremont. east bay valleys for talking triple digits for fairfield, danville. 90 degrees expected in walnut creek 992 in san leandro upper 80s for berkeley and for oakland 95 on tap for napa checkout downtown san francisco where talking upper 80s into the afternoon if you do want that relief you will probably head to ocean beach will we are anticipating mid-70s. now you're heading to the a's game tonight is the perfect evening to be outdoors start the game off with sunny skies of course it will get darker to the course of the game. temperatures will be in the low 80s as we do have a pretty warm evening on tap not much in the way of offshore lands in fact the lens we do see will be coming from the south at 7 mi. an hour. as you walk to the weather gets clear conditions everywhere right now we will see continued warming into to borrow but then it looks like wednesday we really start to turn a corner you will see that yourself and your 7 day around the bay
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3